Germany wdman Group Co., Ltd. is located in the Ojeda trope region of Germany. It is a highly developed industrial manufacturing city. It is the center of German construction, tourism, automobile, machinery, electronics and other industries. The company specializes in seamless butt welded aluminum plastic composite pipe, PE-RT oxygen resistance tube, PE-RT geothermal pipe, PEX-b heating pipe and other water heating supporting products. The company was established at the beginning of the company specialized in the trade of chemical raw materials and non-ferrous metals. In the development process of more than thirty years, it has grown into twenty-eight countries and regions in the world. Branch and service base station. Now the company is further subdividing in the original industrial chain, with more than 100 kinds of chemical raw materials and technical production and research and development of metal products.
Germany wdman Group Co., Ltd.  wholeheartedly provides you with a full range of services such as HVAC products consultation, product introduction, site exploration, project design, project supervision, after sale and return visit, and choose the world's latest and most advanced energy-saving HVAC technology to create a warm and comfortable living environment for you.
PEX-c heating floor pipes
PEX-b heating floor pipes
PEX-b heating floor pipes
PE-RT heating floor pipes
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